Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Newington/Blacket survey on new bike route

From my inbox:
"The City of Edinburgh Council will shortly be undertaking traffic surveys within the Newington/Blacket area, and I would like to provide some further information on why this work is being carried out.

The Council are in the early stages of investigating the potential for a cycle scheme which would connect the University of Edinburgh’s Pollock Halls of Residence with the recently implemented Quality Bike Corridor route, which runs from George IV Bridge to King’s Buildings. The route would also link to a proposed ‘family friendly’ route to Morningside.

As part of the early project design process, some on-street traffic surveys will be carried out in the area of the potential route during the weeks commencing Monday 21 and Monday 28 January 2013.

This work will comprise traffic surveys, pedestrian surveys and parking counts, and will be undertaken by street operatives and the use of temporary CCTV cameras fixed to existing street furniture. The work will be carried out in stages over the two week period, however not all elements of the survey will be conducted simultaneously and the programming of each element will be, to an extent, weather dependent.

Following this survey work, the Council will be seeking your views on a number of issues from an early stage, prior to designing any preferred options which would then lead on to a more detailed consultation exercise in the future."

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