Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Holyrood Park Road advertising refused

Apologies for the light blogging of late.  It is due to busyness compounded by increased security in the Council's IT system which means I can't post easily from Council buildings.

This morning I moved at the Planning Committee for refusal of the application for a large, illuminated advertising hoarding  in Holyrood Park Road on the South side outside the Commonwealth Pool.

The observant amongst you will note that there is already such a hoarding there.  There is a complex and lengthy sequence of events behind this.  In short, permission was given and the media company erected a hoarding rather bigger than that for which permission had been given.  Enforcement action required them to take it down and they appealed.  Their appeal against enforcement was refused.

Today they applied for the bigger size - but that was refused this morning.  They may decide to appeal.  Even if they lose that appeal they could erect a smaller one as that was given permission previously.

There is a similar advertising hoarding a few yards further down Holyrood Park Road.  In short the Council have instructed the advertising company to remove this because it was inadvertently erected on Council land.

And I would give you pictures but the constraints referred to earlier are making it difficult.

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