Monday, 10 February 2014

Life at Edinburgh's Central Mosque

I missed this article a few days ago in The Herald.

Muhammad Sajjad Asim was the Imam at the Central Mosque in Potterrow until he was sacked.

Some of the story is revealed in the article and here is a short extract:
"He was also caught in the crossfire of in-fighting and power play between factions in the mosque - which was originally set up by Pakistanis, but funded by Saudis. He was blamed for spreading slanderous rumours, which he always denied. One mosque-goer even threatened to cut his throat. Police installed a panic button in his home.
"Imams in the UK are frequently recruited from overseas. Asim said this is partly because Britons would not accept the conditions: "Instead they bring in other people who are unaware of the system. Then these people work five years as a slave while they wait to get their leave to remain [in the UK]."
"Asim had been working as a Justice of the High Court and imam in the Punjab province, near Lahore in Pakistan, before he came to Edinburgh, after being offered the role while attending a conference in Birmingham.
But what he experienced on taking up his position was not what he had been expecting. The initial contract had been for £300 a week, but he found after a few months there that he was being paid only £866 a month. He says he complained, but that nothing was done."

There is more background in another article here

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