Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Out of control in Newington

Housebreakings continue in the Newington area.

This report in the Evening News suggests the police have made some arrests but feel powerless as many of the culprits are juveniles.  The justice system makes it extraordinarily difficult to prevent under age offenders from repeat crimes.  In one case I understand an under age criminal targeted the same premise three separate times and was caught after each incident.

The Scottish justice system is past it's sell by date for the long suffering residents who have experienced break-ins.

On another, slightly brighter, note I was contacted yesterday by a friend who had arrested a housebreaker recently in  Gilmore Place/ Tollcrooss after watching the culprit and then chasing him some distance.  Bravo.  

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Anonymous said...

One hopes that your comment and other ones in other places will cause some thought and movement in amongst those in Holyrood in to some action.

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