*** For Zone 7 parking permit holders ***

Permit holders can park in some streets outside the zone.  The pavement works in Melville Terrace area have put more pressure on parking in Zone 7 due to the suspension of (currently) about 12 residents parking spaces. 

There is an arrangement whereby Zone 7 permit holders can park in the following streets in the neighbouring zone S1.  So Zone 7 permit holders can park in permit holders and shared use bays in the following S1 streets:
  • Beaufort Road
  • Blackford Road
  • Chalmers Crescent
  • Cumin Place
  • Dalrymple Crescent
  • Dick Place
  • Grange Crescent
  • Grange Road (from Beaufort Road to St Catherine's Place)
  • Hatton Place
  • Hope Terrace
  • Kilgraston Road
  • Lauder Road
  • Mansionhouse Road
  • Palmerston Road
  • Seton Place
  • Spottiswoode Road
  • Strathfillan Road
  • Tantallon Place
  • Thirlestane Road
Apologies for not bringing this to the attention of long suffering permit holders earlier.  This was an arrangement made when zone changes were made several years ago.  I had not realised it is still in place.


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