Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lutton Court student accommodation refused

Accommodation in the Southside for 237 students has been refused by Edinburgh's Planning Committee today.  The proposal was for a development at Lutton Court between Bernard Terrace and Lutton Place.  It was a lively meeting and the decision turned on the density of students in the area.

In order to maintain a balanced community, planning policy encourages a student density of no more than 30% in any particular area.  The figures (used today) from the 2001 census suggest the current level in the relevant data zones is upwards of 43%.  The 2011 census results (although not completely comparable) indicate a figure above 50%.

Effectively, the impact of another development was deemed to be likely to give an over concentration of students in the area.

Thank you to all the constituents in the area who contacted me with advice and views.

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Anonymous said...

The constituent voices were heard.
Most acceptable-good

Green Lintie said...

Dear Mr Rose, I was sorry to hear this decision has been overturned - surely the density of student population hasn't changed significantly since the last planning meeting? Is it possible for the constituents and other concerned residents of the city to appeal again, or are we against the unending pockets of the developers? I sincerely hope that this will not allow a domino effect on the other proposed developments in the area, on the grounds of a precedent of ignoring the planning guidelines.

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