Monday, 7 April 2014

Gladstone Terrace: Support for the trees

The tree roots in Gladstone Terrace have been identified as causing a problem to the footways (see my post in November last year for much more detail). 

The proposal to create a new pavement on each side of this wide road has been put to local residents and the results are in.  There is very strong support for retaining the trees and for the proposed solution. 

Details are being worked up and a letter will be sent to local residents in the next couple of weeks with details.

It looks very sensible to me and retains the character of the street.

Note:  Occasionally there is a bit of pressure in the street for parking and the road is so wide that there is sometimes some double parking.  That will not be possible under the new arrangement as the street will be narrowed.  However there are options in nearby  S1 streets for Zone 7 permit holders as this post from last month explains.

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