Edinburgh Conservative vote increases

Conservative Ian Duncan was today elected as the Conservative MP in the 2014 Euro elections..

The Conservative vote share increase marginally, though because of the 5% increase in turnout in Edinburgh, there was a substantial increase of 5,731 more Conservative votes compared to the election in June 2009.

Elections are effectively a six way fight now in Scotland (compared to 5-way in England).  The %age share of the vote is shown below
  • Labour - 23.12%
  • SNP - 23.09%
  • Conservative - 19.45%
  • Green - 16.12%
  • LibDem - 8.87%
  • UKIP - 7.74%
The detailed results can be found here.

The tunout in Edinburgh was 41.6% - up from 35.5% in 2009 and comparing well with the 34% turnout for the whole of Scotland.


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