Monday, 26 May 2014

Edinburgh Conservative vote increases

Conservative Ian Duncan was today elected as the Conservative MP in the 2014 Euro elections..

The Conservative vote share increase marginally, though because of the 5% increase in turnout in Edinburgh, there was a substantial increase of 5,731 more Conservative votes compared to the election in June 2009.

Elections are effectively a six way fight now in Scotland (compared to 5-way in England).  The %age share of the vote is shown below
  • Labour - 23.12%
  • SNP - 23.09%
  • Conservative - 19.45%
  • Green - 16.12%
  • LibDem - 8.87%
  • UKIP - 7.74%
The detailed results can be found here.

The tunout in Edinburgh was 41.6% - up from 35.5% in 2009 and comparing well with the 34% turnout for the whole of Scotland.

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