Wednesday, 7 May 2014

That counter in Middle Meadow Walk

Last night and this morning some will have noticed the huge increase in cyclists recorded as passing the counter.  At 08:21 this morning the cumulative figure was 37,375 since it was erected on Friday 25th May - an increase from 23,500 when I cycled by at 6:00pm last night.

The explanation for the 12,000 increase in 14 hours lies with a boy aged about 8 or so years old.  He had discovered a non bicycling way to trigger the counter.  I saw him at 7:20 last night carrying out his entertainment and warned him off.

The installers will be back tomorrow morning with a view to resetting the counter.  The counter is still being bedded in and tested.

The average, prior to our young friend's activity was a little below 2,000 per day.


Snowy said...

While visiting the counter to reset it, I hope that the technicians are also able to fix a glaring fault of the counter, namely that it frequently fails to fully register two or more bikes passing the counter simultaneously, often only registering a single count. Will this be fixed?

Seems pretty unlikely that a boy managed to do this. He'd have to register a count every 3.6 seconds for 12 hours, which seems hugely unlikely. Far more likely, the counter itself has 'barfed', in technical speak. I think you've put 2 and 2 together and come up with 5.

Regardless, when the daily figures are eventually analysed, any deviation from the average daily figure is going to stand out fairly obviously, so from an informational viewpoint it's really not worth getting hot under the collar about.

Cameron Rose said...

I'll refer your comment about two or more to the techies.

Thanks for your suggestion as to what was happening. I watched first hand the technique used (but didn't share with you the detail, for obvious talks). I'll stick with my direct observations over your assumptions. :-)

Cameron Rose said...
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Cameron Rose said...
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