Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Trams in to Southside

When I read the 'Trams will have to extend. . . no brainer' headline in the Scotsman today I assumed the 'no brainer'  was the extension of the tram down Leith Walk to the Docks. The underground services have already been relaid and all that is needed is the tram tracks and the overhead lines.

But no!  The ensuing discussion included a tram line through South Bridge and Minto Street.  Well, we definitely need better transport links to the south, but talking enthusiastically of embarking on a completely new public works project after the current one - 4 years late, costing twice the budget for just over half the planned length is, to say the least, premature

We now need to get on with the public enquiry to expose why the tram project went so shambolically wrong.  Only then, and with the benefit of seeing how the first part of the line is working can we consider how best to improve transport southwards. 

The rationale for the tram has always been to move large numbers of people quickly - particularly in the centre of the city where stacked buses and congestion are hardly efficient.  With the achingly slow trial running still under way, slow journey times and disruption in central areas to pedestrian and vehicle flow, trams have still to prove themselves.

By all means, we need to get the benefit of the works done on the route linking Leith Walk and the Docks to the centre of the city. But Edinburgh has more pressing priorities than another tram line.



Anonymous said...

Sound common sense whicj takes in the recent history together with what might/should evolve.
Yes;first of all the enquiry.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually checked that South Bridge can support the weight of two tram lines, a tram and the usual bus traffic?

Oh well, the South Side can look forward to its very own gridlock when a tram fails at the pinchpoint outside the Festival theatre.

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