Monday, 2 June 2014

Priority parking - Craigmillar park, Blackford

The underwhelming response and support for the proposed priority parking scheme in the following streets mean it will not proceed in the immediate future.  However a further consultation is set to be held to allow a further survey of local views.

  • Blackbarony Road
  • Craigmillar park
  • Crawfurd Road
  • East Savile Road
  • Gilmour Road
  • Gordon Terract
  • Hallhead Road
  • Lygon Road
  • Mayfield Road
  • Ross Road
  • Savile Terrace
  • Suffolk Road
  • West Savile Road
  • Wilton Road
You can see the report here.  Here is an extract:

"There are 679 properties within the proposed Blackford Priority Parking area. The consultation elicited 78 responses including; 71 from residents living within the area, four Edinburgh residents from outside the proposed area, a representation from Craigmillar Park Bowling Club, one from East Suffolk Park Proprietors’ Association and one from Grange Prestonfield Community Council (GPCC).
Further analysis revealed that; 47 respondents supported the proposals, 21 objected and 10 offered general comments.
Blackford Consultation Responses Type
%age of Responses

Of the four people who live outside of the proposed area, three objected and one made general comments.
Removing those who live outside the area and the GPCC which does not relate to a fixed address, it can be considered that the remaining 73 responses came from 63 properties. As a percentage of properties within the area, this equates to a return rate of 9% which is significantly lower than average for a consultation of this nature and around half the expected rate."
The Priority parking area will not go ahead in the near future - not just because there was a low response rate - but also beacuse the majority of responses in favour was underwhelming.

However, at the Transport and Environment Committee tomorrow I understand it will be proposed that there is a further consultation in the future to give the opportunity for further views to be registered.


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