Southside Community Centre snubbed

Proposals to enliven the entrance to the  Southside Community Centre have been turned down by the Planning Committee today.

The Management Committee wanted to open up the frontage (as has been done in many old churches) by installing glass doors at the main entrance to the building to make the use of the building more accessible and attractive for users.  The committee divided on the issue  (as did the 2 local councillors, Cllr Perry and your host at this site) and voted by 8-5 to refuse the application.  Actually, I thought the proposals were sensible and pragmatic and in keeping with the successful opening up of many older church buildings.

Influential was a late statement from Historic Scotland that the current church doors might be from the original 1820s period.

Link to the Community Centre here.


Anonymous said…
As long as 1820-(???) doors do not hinder disabled access.The doors if circa 1820-may be of value to some organisation willing to use them to up date their property!
Ah me-Historic Scotland on Ebay!
The entrance lobby is a shade stifling though,espeially when a fair number of people are about

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