Monday, 7 July 2014

Meadows and city centre wifi collapse

The prospect of public wifi in Edinburgh's city centre, the Meadows and many of the other 'town centres' which make up the city, has now receded with the bankruptcy of Gowex, the Spanish company awarded the contract.

Much of the work on the ground was due to start this week with significant parts completed by the end of July.

The spectacular collapse of Gowex makes for interesting reading.  The chief executive, responding to reports that the company had been blamed for false accounting over the last four years, admitted responsibility.   He is quoted as tweeting.
"I made a voluntary confession in court. I want to collaborate with justice. I will face the consequences,” Mr García Martín said on Twitter. The posting followed a message saying: “I ask everyone for forgiveness. I am deeply sorry.”
More details
Apparently this bankruptcy does not affect the £10m allocated by the UK government for their Connected Cities programme.  Money from that fund is allocated towards the ongoing kitting out of trams and buses in Edinburgh with wifi.  And, I understand, there is still the opportunity for local businesses to upgrade to superfast or ultrafast broadband with a grant from the Connected Cities fund

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