Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Saving Money: Thursday 10am - 2pm

Southside Community Centre has a range of advisors available to give advice on money matters ranging from dealing with debt to dealing with smoking.  Anyone can go along between 2pm and 4pm this Thursday.  Some details are listed below.
  • Ask the Money Adviser from Citizens Advice Edinburgh how you can budget effectively and deal with debt.
  • Ask an Energy Adviser if you could be spending less on gas and electricity or if you qualify for £140 off your energy costs.
  • Ask a Housing Officer if you need advice on housing matters.
  • Ask the NHS No Smoking Officer on how to quit for good.
  • Ask Benefits Advisers if you have a question about benefits or need to maximise your income.
  • Ask Age UK if they can help you make the most of later life through inspiring, supporting and enabling.
  • Ask the Cyrenians about tenancy support and homeless prevention.
  • Ask Making It Work on how they can help you plan your future if you are a lone parent with a child under 5.

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