Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Flying the flag

Tomorrow your councillors will be discussing a proposal to fly a Palestinian flag above the City Chambers in 'solidarity with the people of Gaza'.  I'm afraid that kind of campaigning and politicking on international issues doesn't excite me.  Especially where, with dreadful conflict and suffering in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, South Sudan as well as Gaza there are plenty of conflict hotspots.

Better would be flying a flag of a humanitarian relief agency with contact details enabling people to give generously.   And we have the European Headquarters of one such agency right here in the ward.  Mercy Corps is based in Sciennes and it is active in most of the current theatres of conflict.

Certainly, I have been moved to make a donation to them (along with another charity working in Iraq).    I just think that is rather a more appropriate response than making a onesided political gesture which picks sides in a complex Middle East conflict. 

And so the Conservative will move against the flag proposal tomorrow.

For more comments on this see the website of the Edinburgh Conservative councillors.

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Anonymous said...

I agree you Mr Rose

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