Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Organic Jim

Like many of you I have spent some time chatting with Organic Jim. He's back in my part of the ward.  A number of you have contacted me over the last couple of years or more asking what we can do about him or for him.

For those not familiar with Jim, he is a tramp, quite an articulate gentleman of the road, who sleeps mainly al fresco or in stairs.  He has an absolute mass of stuff which he has collected and drags around with him.  Much of it is salvaged from your bins.  He frequents the Grange, Newington and Sciennes and, doubtless, many other places. 

He doesn't want the accommodation offered and, although he would like a room in which to listen to music on his hifi, he doesn't like the rigours of a fixed abode.  Police, social work and many others have tried to help him (or rein him in).  He annoys and evokes sympathy and kindness in equal measure.

His catch-phrase is 'Do you know you are what you eat?', usually followed by a lecture on how important it is to eat only organic food.   There are several places online where you can find more about Jim.  Here is one.

I should say that, apart from his obsessions (what we eat) and a penchant for chatting, he has seemed to me to be courteous and harmless.  Apart, that is, for the mess he leaves around.

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