Friday, 12 September 2014

16% of Edinburgh's electorate have voted

Earlier in this referendum season I gave some figures of the number of voters and postal voters.

Here is an update.

Edinburgh has a current population of around 495,000 of whom 377,413 (76%) are on the electoral roll as eligible voters.

There are 81,648 postal votes.  Of these 62,310 have been returned.  That amounts to 76.3% of the total postal votes. Postal vote packs were sent out in two tranches - the first towards the end of August and the remainder on 8th September (after the final date for registration for postal votes).

So just over one in five (21.6%) of the 377,413 eligible voters have a postal vote. 

So we can see that 16.5% of the electorate have already cast their vote.

Do note that remaining postal voters can still take their vote to the polling station next Thursday. Get it in before then, I say in case you are called away or become ill. 

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