Friday, 5 September 2014

'Don't be shy, Give it a try. Can I interest you in the big issue'

I'm a bit late in posting this (or anything else the last few days).  It has just been very busy and there have been a few days out of town.

Sadly, John White, the big issue seller, whose pitch was the junction of Middle Meadow Walk with North Meadow Walk since 2006, died last week.  He had cancer and his last days were in the Western where he died aged 69.

I met him almost every morning he was there and he was regular and there was almost always some good chat.  He was a great ally in my war against fly posting, pointing out new posters to me and I still have and use the scraper he gave me several years ago to make it easier to remove posters.

A few months ago he told me of a move to a new pitch - George IV Bridge at the Royal Mile - but there was scaffolding at the time and there just wasn't the same clientele.  A few days later he was back in Middle Meadow Walk chatting to friends and calling out his trade mark cry - the title above.  It was a local he encountered who years ago challenged him to use such a call to create a memorable marketing impact.

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