Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Gladstone Terrace works to begin in October

October 6th** has been pencilled in for the start of the work to renew a rework the pavements in Gladstone Terrace.  Regular readers will recall that a proposal to grass over the current pavement areas and extend the footway into the current roadway, met with substantial approval from residents in the street.  The current issue is that the footways are very uneven, mainly because of roots from the avenue of trees. 

The solution preserves the trees, increases the green area and loses only one parking space.  It does narrow the road - though it is already very wide.

Access to properties will be maintained throuout and most of the work will be carried out between 8am and 5pm.   The work will include an upgrade in the street lighting.

The work will take around 10 weeks - dependant on weather and other factors.

Amended.  This date was originally (and mistakenly) shown as 10th.

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