Saturday, 13 September 2014

I like Jim Sillars

Jim  Sillars is one of my constituents.

I like him.

Actually I agree with him on many issues.  His critical analysis of the failings of climate change policy is perceptive.  I agree with him that we have been very poorly served by banks and that the integrity of leadership in recent years has been appalling - and that there remains much to sort out. (And in passing, it is salutary to note the key role in the RBS debacle of senior SNP figures.)

But his statements yesterday reflect a dark, vindictive streak in parts of the Yes campaign.  It comes from the militant left of which Jim once was an active part.  It is the red mist which takes over when any perceived wrong emanates from a big business.  Those he accuses of scaremongering he threatens.

And the most alarming part was his claim at one point to be speaking for us all:
" . . . . us, the sovereign people of Scotland. "
Yet we see a ''them and us' approach laid bare.  The case is heavily based on us being victims of oppression rather than of a balanced recognition of the need to work with those who have a stake with us all in creating a great future.

The mood of  Jim's comments - the victimhood and veiled threats, make it more of a challenge to strike a generous and constructive tone on September 19th.

I am sure Jim will not be speaking for me on the morning of Friday 19th.

But I reckon I will still like him.

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