Monday, 13 October 2014

King's Buildings to Marchmont route consultation

New cycle route proposals between King's Buildings and Marchmont are now out for consultation.  Below is a summary of the proposals but you can see fuller details on this Council webpage. Details can also be viewed in Newington Library.

  • new on-road cycle lanes
  • extended hours of parking and loading restrictions, to reduce the amount of time that cycle lanes may be blocked by parked or loading vehicles
  • a new road layout in the Kilgraston Road/Grange Loan/Blackford Avenue/Oswald Road area. This will help to reduce conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians in this area, and will improve pedestrian crossing opportunities
  • a trial of ‘early start’ cycle signals at Blackford Junction is also proposed. This would give cyclists time to move off in advance of general traffic, and would be the first time these have been used in the city.


Douglas Stuart said...

My wife and I live in Blackford Avenue which is within the new layout. I am 79 and my wife is 81. My wife suffers from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. At present we have a disabled parking space in front of our house . No sign of this on the road plan although we were told this would be allowed for within the new layout. Usual double speak from council/councillors. Why not use pavements as fallback. This is what happens just now. Douglas Stuart

Cameron Rose said...

Thank you for pointing this out. I will have the plans checked and then check with the roads engineer handling the project.

Best wishes,


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