Friday, 24 October 2014

When will St Crispin's be rebuilt?

I had recent occasion to ask for an update on the plans to replace St Crispins Special School which is tucked away in the West Savile area.  Some local residents were asking - so in case anyone else is wondering what the current situation is I will post the reply below:
Provision of £6.382m has been made in the Children and Families Capital Investment Programme for a replacement St Crispin’s Special School; the latest position is shown in the recent report to the Finance and Resources Committee on 28 August 2014 a copy of which can be found via the following link (Appendix 4 refers).  Were the school to move to a new site, the proceeds from the sale of the existing site would be used to supplement the budget to deliver the new school. 
As you can see from the report to the Finance and Resources Committee the funding is provided in the 2016/17 and 2017/18 financial years with the majority being in 2017/18 during which period it is assumed that the construction of the new school would actually take place.  This profile of expenditure is based on an assumed start date for the project (i.e. the start of any design development) of April 2016.  Any necessary education statutory consultation and, if necessary, design team procurement would require to be progressed prior to this date. 
Regarding the site for a new school, be that on the existing site or in an entirely new location, that has not yet been concluded and remains to be confirmed however this will be done sufficiently in advance of the planned start date of April 2016 to ensure that any required education statutory consultation (for either a decant location or an entirely new site) can be progressed in advance of the project starting.

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