Thursday, 20 November 2014


A couple of days ago I drew attention to media speculation that the recently convicted culprit for the World's End murders might have been responsible for another death in the Dumbiedykes.  Apparently Angus Sinclair had lived in the area around the time of the murder of Helen Kane, a crime which remains unsolved.

On the stairs in the City Chambers the other day I happened across the City Archivist carrying a very large book.  Curious, I asked him about it and he reported it was the Edinburgh voters roll for 1970.

I later visited his office (the archives are open to the public) and a quick search revealed the information shown below.

Yes, there is Angus Sinclair at no 10 Hill Place on the 1970 voters roll along with 17 other people on the register.

It will be interesting to hear from anyone who resided in the stair and who remembers him.

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