Saturday, 15 November 2014

Student accommodation in the Southside

Many local residents will know there are quite a few upcoming applications for managed student accommodation in the Southside area.  Some local residents are concerned that the transient nature of a community dominated by students may lack stablility and bring particular pressures on longer term residents.

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) and managed student residences are subject to regulation from 1) the Regulatory process and from 2) the Planning process.

  1. On Monday the Regulatory Committee will consider a report which addresses the issue from the Regulatory process perspective.  You can see the report here.  In addition, I note there is some coverage in the local media, for example, here.
  2. The Planning Committee are reviewing the local policy in relation to student accommodation.  The guidance that there should not be a concentration above 30% in particular defined areas has come in for scrutiny.   A report will go to the next planning committee meeting (4th December) and any recommendations for a change in planning policy will be likely to be issued for public consultation.


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