Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas church services

Christmas Eve services in Southside/Newington

Community Church Edinburgh, South Clerk Street:  6:30pm Carols by Candlelight
Craigmillar Park Church, 11:15pm Candlelight Carols and Watchnight service
German Speaking Church, Chalmers Cres:  5pm
Life Church, West Richmond Street: 6:00pm
Mayfield Salisbury, Mayfield Road: 11:30pm Watchnight Service
St Albert's Catholic Chaplaincy, George Square: 5:30pm Solemn Vespers; 11:30pm Midnight Mass
St Catherine's Argyle, Grange Road: 4:00pm and 11:15pm
St Columba's, Upper Gray Street: 7:30pm Carol service followed by Vigil Mass of Christmas
St Margaret's and St Leonard's Catholic Church, St Leonard's Street: 11:30pm Christmas Eve carols followed by Midinght Mass
St Peter's Episcopal, Lutton Place:  4:30pm Crib Service;  11:30pm Midnight Mass
Reid Memorial, West Savile Terrace:  11:30 Watchnight Service
There are also lots of Christmas services in the area tomorow morning:
(Not in any order)
  • Chalmers Church, Pollock Halls: 10:30am (This service will be at the Faith Mission, Gilmerton Road)
  • Mayfield Salisbury Church of Scotland, Mayfield Road: 10:45am
  • St Albert's Catholic Chaplaincy, George Square: Christmas Day masses 9am, 10:30am and Solemn Second Vespers 5:30pm
  • St Andrew's Orthodox Church, Meadow Lane: Feast of the Nativity, 10:30am Open 6:30-7:30pm
  • St Catherine's Argyle Church of Scotland, Grange Road: 10:30am
  • St Columba's, Upper Gray Street:  9:30am, Dawn Mass of Christmas
  • St Peter's Episcopal, Lutton Place:  10:45am Craigmillar Park Parish Church of Scotland, Craigmillar Park:  10:30am
  • Reid Memorial, West Savile Terr: 10:30am

Apologies if I missed any.  All information taken from websites.

Wishing you all a great Christmas

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