Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Fascinating Dumbiedykes project

The Twenty More project has one key aim - to increase the wealth of every household in Dumbiedykes by £20 per week - permanently.   Comas, the charity is about to undertake this very innovative project.

Details can be found in this article in the Herald (alas it is pay walled). 
In summary, using a range of different techniques the approach is to employ a small team of workers to knock on doors in Dumbiedykes and help people.  This could be by ensuring they receive benefits they need, or helping people to cut their bills. But it could also include helping people help themselves - setting up microbusinesses, for example, with migrants from Eastern Europe, who make up part of the local population. Community-buying schemes for shared products such as broadband could also form part of the mix.

Comas has been funded (to the tune of £50,000) by the Clore Duffield Foundation and will be led by the Chief Executive of Comas, Ruth Campbell.

Watch this space.  I like the innovative approach and wish the project well.

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