Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Local Road repairs improvements - your call

Suggestions are invited over the next few days for road repairs and improvements in the ward area.  There is a small pot of money (I think £60,000 or so) allocated for local priorities in 2015-16 beyond the main city wide roads budget.  This gives an opportunity for local people to make suggestions and and flag up the prioritisation they would like to see.  It need not be simple repairs but could be the reconstruction of a pavement or an improvement scheme.  However this pot is limited and only about 7 proposals will be agreed before the money runs out.

Do email me with your suggestions - but hurry.  I need to put in additional proposals by Friday lunchtime.

Representatives from Community Councils and members of the Neighbourhood Partnership (along with local councillors) will vote on the priorities to take forward.

Note:  I know there is a host of repairs needing done.  Each street is periodically assessed and prioritised against an established criteria of precedence to eke out the central roads budget.

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