Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sciennes School: School Streets

Proposals to close some streets to vehicle traffic near some schools are proposed for trial later this year.  Sciennes School is one of eleven schools to take part in the trial which, if successful, will be made permanent.

In the case of Sciennes Primary, the areas of prohibition will be Sciennes Road (between Sylvan Place and Tantallon Place) and Livingstone Place and are proposed to apply for 30-45 minutes at the entry/exit times each school day.

You can find more information here.  A map of the area affected can be seen here and the survey is here.

There is also a drop in session at the school where the proposals can be seen and discussed.  It is on Thursday15th January - Sciennes Primary School, between 3.30-7pm.  Do call in to get more details


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