Monday, 2 February 2015

Informatics extension public consultation

On Thursday this week there planning consultation for the proposed extension to the Informatics Centre in Potterrow.  The location is opposite the recycling units which line the Marshall Street entrance to Bristo Square. The consultation and display is in the Informatics Centre between 3pm and 7pm on Thursday 5th.

There is now a proposal (it was phase 3 of the original plan for this area) to build a 'Big Data' centre in this area.

Below is notification of the background from the University:

"The original Potterrow Development was consented as a whole in 2005 (04/03124/FUL). It was always the University’s intention to construct the development in phases. Phases 1 and 2 were completed in 2008. The current project, Phase 3, is now known as the Data Technology Institute which, in broad terms, will continue the ground-breaking academic research work that is carried out in Phase 1 - the School of Informatics.
It would be possible to implement Phase 3 without any significant changes to the design and, as such, no further consents would be required for its construction. However, there are three areas where it now seems sensible to revise the original consented design, as follows:
a) A more prominent entrance and public ‘way through’ from Potterrow to the central courtyard.
b) A greater degree of variation to the skyline profile on Potterrow.
c) Omission of the 29 parking spaces originally proposed for the Phase 3 basement. It is proposed that this item is dealt with by way of a Section 75 A agreement.
The two external design changes a) and b) above are proposed in order to signifi cantly improve the permeability and townscape qualities of the development; they are not proposed as a way of increasing its floorspace.
The total consented gross floor area for the whole scheme is 26,500 sqm with 10,100 sqm allocated to Phase 3. The proposed Phase 3 has a gross fl oor area of circa 9,125 sqm. The proposed site area is 0.3 hectares."

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