Thursday, 5 March 2015

Birlinn Ltd speaks up for Scottish publishing

Birlinn is an Edinburgh publisher based in Newington Road.  Hugh Andrew is the Managing Director and he is not impressed that Alex Salmond has gone to a London based company to publish his account of the referendum lead up.  Here is a quote from Hugh:

"What a sad comment on Nationalism that at the first sign of a large cheque our ex first minister bolts for London.  One might have thought he would have stood firm with the embattled publishing industry in his own country.
"Instead, he goes straight to Rupert Murdoch.  I am gobsmacked - it is just an old pals' act." 
Read the report in the Scotsman here


Anonymous said...

Birlinn is a very good company with past attatchments to -university(?).
Pity about the publishers associations too

Anonymous said...

Seems obvious. Why would Salmon wish to team up and finance Hugh Andrew and the Scottish Tory opposition? Hugh Andrew is out of touch or doing a knowing spot of self promotion. He had zero chance.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks for your comments. I posted because it is of local interest, not from a political position. However,the last commenter above may not be aware that Hugh Andrew seems to have a history of supporting the Libdems. Assuming I am not mistaken on that, the comment on Scottish Tory opposition is wide of the mark.

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