Friday, 24 April 2015

Council travails over Cameron House Community Centre design build and maintenance

'Dirty Tricks at the Heart of City Council' is a headline in today's Edinburgh Evening News. 

Effectively the article is a report of the discussion at the Council's audit committee, (it is actually called the Governance, Risk and Best Value Committee, GRBV for short), some six weeks ago.  I had earlier requested the GRBV to commission a report into what went wrong in the design, build and maintenance of the Cameron House Community Centre in Prestonfield Avenue.

That report came to the GRBV six weeks ago and the debate there led to the initiation of further enquiry (currently ongoing)  to get to the bottom of the issues - issues which are largely the subject of today's Evening News article.

You can see the webcast of the GRBV here. The discussion on Cameron House runs from six minutes in for an hour and a half or so.

I see there is also a Leader comment in the paper - to which I can't source the online link at the moment.  I'll add it when I get it.

24.4.15:  Link to related Evening News Leader comment 'Residents and staff deserve some answers'.


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