Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Remaining postal vote packs now sent out.

If you have not received your postal vote pack yet for May 7th's General Election it should be on its way.

The batch of 7,461 was passed to the Royal Mail yesterday and should be with remaining postal voters today or tomorrow.  That is a total of 73,118 issued in Edinburgh - with a handful of about 50 still to be issued.  By yesterday 31.1% of those issued had been returned.


Tom reilly said...

Posted last week;

Alastair said...

Do you have any idea what percentage of the total electorate the 73,118 postal votes represent?


Cameron Rose said...

Total eligible voters:
Edinburgh North & Leith: 80,978
Edinburgh East: 67,178
Edinburgh South: 65,846
Edinburgh South West: 72,178
Edinburgh West: 71,749
Total: 357929

Hope this helps

Alastair said...

So by Tuesday 6% or so of the total possible votes had already been cast - maybe 10% of the likely, actual turnout.

And probably a good few more since then.


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