Friday, 12 June 2015

Viewpoint opens residence for dementia residents

Yesterday I attended the formal opening of Cunningham House in South Oswald Road.  This is the latest use for the distinctive building which was built in, I think, the 1880s. 

The premises have been upgraded to allow 12 rooms for residents and they will be occupied in the next few weeks.

Why Cunningham House?
"Viewpoint was founded in 1947 in response to the post World War housing shortage. In those days women had very little domiciliary rights and were therefore particularly affected during this time.
In response to the plight of homeless women, Miss Jane Cunningham, the daughter of a local minister, purchased a flat in Rutland Square with the aid of a building society loan. Miss Cunningham also let out part of her own flat as apartment-rooms to single women. It was at this stage that it was suggested she should form a committee to manage the properties.
The first committee, established in 1947, comprised of eight like-minded women. They were to call themselves the Viewpoint Housing Society. As its original tenants grew older, Viewpoint recognised the need for a variety of housing schemes designed specifically to meet the requirements of older people, such as sheltered housing through to 24-hour care. In addition to catering for older people, Viewpoint also introduced amenity and general needs housing for those below retirement age."

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