Friday, 24 July 2015

Graffiti tag 'CIGS'

There are in excess of 500 examples of the CIGS graffiti throughout Edinburgh, many of them in the Southside and Newington ward

It is unsightly, costs money to remove and graffiti saps the morale of the community wherever it is.

The last part of this article in the Herald suggests the police are not investigating.  I have lodged a formal request to investigate.


Tom Reilly said...

Well done! Graffis may have their place but most are as is said,-!

Anonymous said...

Well done you!

You must see this stuff on walls every day. But its only when someone has spent 500 days compiling a journal that then gets media attention (for what purpose, I know not) that you decide that you should act???

So if someone records all the work of Youtz are you then going to make a formal complaint to the police?

What about Deli?
Or Wonky?
Or Rodney?
Or Paper?
Or Faker?
Or Mate?
Or Torch?

Or will you just ignore that like you did Cigs until it becomes a media thing?

Are there not more pressing things the police of Edinburgh could be doing?

Exoteric said...

It's great to live in a city where there is no other crime for police to investigate!

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