Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A discussion on street guardrails

There is a question as to whether all the railings on the edge of pavements - or guardrails - are really necessary.  Sometimes they are unsightly, they usually restrict pavements space and, certainly in my view, are at times wholly unnecessary.  On other occasions they provide appropriate separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

A local resident has raised some of the issues in a post on his blog and I recommend it as interesting reading.  View it here and see a range of locations on the south side of Edinburgh where the author recommends the guardrails should be removed.

Uncle Kempez's Edinburgh Blog suggest these railings for removal
Actually, Edinburgh Council has a policy on this - which, I think, moves us in the right direction.  You can see it here.

Views will be welcome.


Alastair said...

He's absolutely right - I can't think of a single place in the Newington area where these fences play any useful role at all, and I can think of plenty where they're a real nuisance. The one at the Chambers Street/Nicolson Street junction is downright dangerous.

Cameron Rose said...

As I understand it, these were done in an era where the policy was driven by a narrow view of safety. That is changing - though perhaps not fast enough

Mantolwen said...

On Dalkeith Road we have a lot of annoying guardrails for example Kilmaurs Terrace. It's a tiny little street and the pavement which is already narrow is made even more narrow, let alone the street sign's pole taking up the pavement. And also on the entrance to Prestonfield Avenue.

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