Thursday, 27 August 2015

Engine Shed decision taken

Last week I drew attention to a report on the tendering for use of the the now empty Engine Shed.

The Council's Finance and Resources Committee met this morning and took the decision to accept the bid from Newmake Limited for a single malt whisky production and tourist facility (see report above).

It was not straightforward.  Since the conclusion of the tender process the second and third bidders had come together and prepared what was effectively a joint bid.  This they presented very impressively at the Committee but in the event that was not part of the tender process. The SNP/Labour members of the Committee decided to proceed with the results of the tender process.

There were indications the joint bid had access to more resources, and, it seemed from information given, that Newmake Limited would have been prepared to offer a higher rent as well.  It would have been wholly unfair to award the contract on the basis of information informally presented to the committee on the day. 

I suggested the tender should be re-run.  But it was not to be.

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