Friday, 21 August 2015

Engine Shed Tender results in

Following a tender process a bid to resurrect the tradition of distilling malt whisky looks to have won a 25 year lease on The Engine Shed.  The final decision will be taken at the Finance Committee next Thursday.

The bid is from Newmake Limited aims to establish a new tourist attraction with £1.5m capital investment at the St Leonard's Lane site.  The aim is to create a boutique distillery providing a visitor experience including tasting, retail and a cafe.   The rent is £65,000 pa.

Other bids included one from a community based proposal to create a mainly food based social enterprise hub with bakery, cafe and shared kitchen space.  Another was from Carr Gomm, a support Charity, proposing to relocate the Rivers Centre to St Leonard's.

The report recommending the single malt visitor centre comes before Edinburgh Council's Finance Committee next Thursday (27th August).

Just behind St Leonard's Police Station

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