Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Southside Community Council may be resurrected

A sufficient number of people have signed a petition to form Southside Community Council again.  The 20 signatories mean the following timetable (if necessary):
  • 17th August - Nomination period
  • 14th September - Notice of Poll
  • 28th September - Election (if required)
There needs to be a minimum of six people nominated to serve on the Community Council.  If less than six people come forward there will be no further proceedings.

If more than six and less than 12 come forward, each of those nominated will be elected.  However, if more than 12 come forward there will be election on September 28th.

The recent history of Southside Comunity Council can be found in my post from 2 years ago.

Nomination information will be found on these Council web pages from 17th August.


Anonymous said...

The information for Southside doesn't appear to be up there yet (19th August)

Is this the only way of putting forward a nomination?

Cameron Rose said...

Here is the link:

Best wishes,


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