Monday, 3 August 2015

The state of our roads

Anyone who has been driven or ridden or walked across East Preston Street for some time now will be familiar understand the problem faced by local resident Lyn Blackhall who has a letter in today's Evening News. 

The road surface is appalling - especially near the bus stop.  Gravel and chips abound and get thrown up chipping paintwork on cars and making the road difficult to navigate smoothly.
Chipped paintwork on an East Preston Street vehicle.
An added problem is that East Preston Street is by no means the worst and there is a huge backlog of poor roads to repair.  I am checking to find where East Preston Street is on the current repair list.

Despite a relatively mild spring - which allowed the road repair programme to progress - there remains a huge backlog, as users or roads and pavements know.  I am afraid the current Administration of the Council is prioritising a load of activity which should come after fulfilling its core responsibilities!


Alastair said...

Could you give some examples of what non-core activities the council is prioritising above road repairs?

Cameron Rose said...

Here's a couple.

Membership of the Anti-Nuclear Local Authorities organisation - it is part of an international political campaign rather than giving much in the way of practical benefits to local residents.

Or the charade of giving around 60k for local disbursement to each Neighbourhood Partnership for disbursement to local 'good causes' or a further similar amount to local neighbourhood roads repairs by local vote - I'm afraid the admin and organisation of that is a poor use of public resources.

Best wishes and thanks for your question.

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