Friday, 28 August 2015

When will the Meadows to Innocent Path Cycle Route Open?

Some have been asking me.  Although I don't know the precise answer the following has been ascertained.

The contractor expects to have the traffic signals work completed by Monday 31st August - it may be sooner. That is the crossings at St Leonard's Street, Clerk Street and Hope Park Crescent at the Meadows.

But there is also a bit of carriageway resurfacing work to be done at Clerk Street and Hope Park Crescent.  This was to be done earlier but was held back after the embargo on road works during the Festival period came into operation.

There has been some concern from cyclists about the bumpiness of the new cycleway surfaces in St Leonard's Street and Buccleuch Street.  Not good. 

I am told the surfaces have been checked and they conform to footway standards - which I can believe, but many cyclists will just switch to the carriageway which is smoother.  However, I know there are further discussions going on within the Council and with Sustrans (who part funded the route) on whether another skim surface should be put on it or not.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the update, Cameron! I was riding along the path to/from the fireworks this evening and the missing lights make the crossings really frustrating for cyclists and pedestrians alike -- really hope they'll be completed soon as the current setup is worse than what was there before.

I also felt the surface was pretty lumpy. I'm curious why the surface is built to footway standards when it's intended for bikes -- bikes are not foot traffic! Certainly the recent work to upgrade many cycle lanes in Edinburgh with smooth red coloured tarmac (instead of the crumbling paint) definitely shows that perfect surfaces for cyclists are possible, so I hope this can be resolved.

Cameron Rose said...

Lumpy surface: I think some of the people in the contract may not be experienced in cycle friendly projects and I suspect a decision taker just never thought that would be important.

The crossings have not been swotched on yet - but should be soon.

Yes a smooth surface makes cycling such a pleasure.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I can see how someone would not realise that something that seems like trivial like surfacing is actually crucial to how the project is perceived and how useful the infrastructure is.

On that note, if often feels like policy makers have good intentions (e.g. "we're committed to investing in cycling infrastructure!") that are let down by flawed execution. What are your thoughts on how to address this? (I appreciate that this is an open-ended question but I think it's an important topic and I'm interested in your thoughts!)


Cameron Rose said...

As ever, investing is only part of the story. It is generally not a good idea to measure success by the amount invested. What is needed is knowledge of the issue, commitment (there are always other priorities) and good, alert and flexible people.

Michael Fourman said...

The crossing lights by the police station are still not functional. Traffic is often dense and fast, making crossing difficult and dangerous. What is the hold-up?

Unknown said...

Surface tolerances to HD 39/01 of the DMRB? - "The maximum deviation of the footway surface under a 1m straightedge shall not exceed 3mm."?

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