Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A phoenix rises. . .

Southside Community Council is to be reformed.  Here is the notification I have received:
Southside Community Council
I am writing to advise you that, at the close of nominations yesterday, there were 11 nominations for the 12 elected representative places available on the community council so it is not necessary for an election to be held. A list of the elected membership is below. There will also be members from two local interest groups – The Causey Development Trust and the Southside Association.
The first meeting of the new Community Council will be held in due course and I will contact you regarding this.
The agenda for the first meeting will be issued in advance and will include the appointment of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and the approval of a Constitution (a model Constitution is prepared by the Council).  The first meeting will be chaired by the Returning Officer (Cllr Orr), with support from Committee Services officers of the Council until a Chair has been appointed.
After the first meeting, the community council will be able to make arrangements for its future meetings.
Here are the nomination persons who will make up the Community Council.
David Benyon
Gloria Lo
Svetlana Repanova
Joan Carter
Kaaren Houghton
Philip McDowell
Frances Gifford
Timothy Pogson
Robert Hodgart
Barbara O'Loughlin
Nicholas Oddie

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