Monday, 7 September 2015

Clerk Street roadworks

I have been trying to get progress on the temporary roadworks in Clerk Street at Gifford Park.  I haven't been past there today to check - but the resurfacing work should begin shortly followed by the painting of the required white lines for the crossing.

The whole thing was held up by a ban on resurfacing and other major road works during the Festival - and a reluctance to just switch on the lights without the legal markings in place. And so we have had two lanes closed for months now!

I am told it should now be complete in two weeks from now.


Paul Milne said...

I was walking past the Buccleuch Street section this morning about 8.45 and saw a young lad, about 9, waiting to cross over towards the Meadows.

South-bound traffic was backed up stationery from big Hope Park Terrace/Melville Drive/Summerhall junction, leaving a gap at the crossing, and the lad started across, not being able to see oncoming north-bound traffic coming up from junction.

Only adults with a better view (one possibly his mum also on a bike bringing up the rear) stopped him in time before he cycled across.

There were at least a dozen or more cyclists waiting to cross -- it is already being used heavily.

We need to have those lights working as a matter of urgency. The unlighted crossing is an accident waiting to happen.

Cameron Rose said...

Should be operational in the week beginning 21st September. Please see update in latest post:

stephenn richardsonn said...

I hope now this road work would be be completed.

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