Thursday, 10 September 2015

Pedestrian Crossings on Buccleuch Street and Clerk Street

There has been some concern that we have gone for so long without these lights being in operation and the delay in getting these parets of the new cycle route (St Leonard's to the Meadows) underway.

For example, the following comment was added to my last blog entry on the subject:
"I was walking past the Buccleuch Street section this morning about 8.45 and saw a young lad, about 9, waiting to cross over towards the Meadows.

South-bound traffic was backed up stationery from big Hope Park Terrace/Melville Drive/Summerhall junction, leaving a gap at the crossing, and the lad started across, not being able to see oncoming north-bound traffic coming up from junction.

Only adults with a better view (one possibly his mum also on a bike bringing up the rear) stopped him in time before he cycled across.

There were at least a dozen or more cyclists waiting to cross -- it is already being used heavily.

We need to have those lights working as a matter of urgency. The unlighted crossing is an accident waiting to happen."
In summary the lights have not been switched on because the road road surfaces are to be reworked (including the anti-skid surfaces) and after that the appropriate road markings need to be laid down.  The road surfacing work was not carried out during August because of an embargo on roadworks imposed during the Festival period.

As you will see there is now resurfacing work under way around the Clerk Street crossing.
Both crossing are now scheduled to be operational from the week beginning Monday 21st September.

In the meantime the lights will be inspected to ensure the correct head covers and push button stickers are in place whilst the crossing is not officially in use.

I hope this information clarifies.


P McDowell said...

As of 11:00 am Friday, I notice that only one of the lights is covered, and all but one of the pedestrian / cycle buttons have no stickers on to indicate the lights are not in use.

Paul Milne said...

This is from the City Cyclilng Edinburgh forum, you might be interested in this:

"At the Clerk St crossing, the cyclist button units (to indicate desire to cross) are positioned on the wrong side of the cycle track, as though we drove on the right. The one on Rankeillor St can perhaps be fixed easily because the pole is central on the track and the button unit could be switched to the other side of the pole. At the Gifford Park side though the pole has been placed to the right of the track, so cyclists have to cross sides to activate the button, which will then put them into conflict with cyclists coming the other way. These pole positions are different from the plans."

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