Corneal transplant rejuvenates sight

The quality of life just improved for Joyce Cook a local resident in the Minto Street area.  She underwent a groundbreaking procedure using donor tissue to replace a damaged cornea.
Joyce, a retired nurse from Edinburgh, said the results had “completely changed” how she sees the world and has given her “more confidence” in life.
She said: “The results are fantastic, I can see everything so clearly now, everything is tack sharp. It’s so good to be able to see colour so vividly again.
“Faces have become so much clearer, it’s wonderful. I am now able to see my grandchildren’s faces so much more vividly.
“My sight had been deteriorating for years and years, but it began getting really bad a couple of years ago and I realised that I had better stop driving, which is a great loss of independence.

More here with an excellent photo of the family.


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