Friday, 16 October 2015

Misleading report about the Meadows

The Evening News today has a story about proposals to 'commercialise the Meadows'.  It includes the following:
"City bosses have unveiled proposals which would see a section of the park hosting 'high impact events', with tens of thousands of pounds likely to be earmarked annually for improved drainage and maintenance."
Alas, the truth is more mundane.  I have checked with the Parks Department.  They had been asked to review possible sites for permanent events in Edinburgh and had produced a report - which went to the Transport and Environment Committee on 25th August.  After noting that the only possible such place would be the current events site on the East side of Middle Meadow Walk the issue was put before the Transport & Environment Committee with no recommendation.  Indeed the upgrading of the Meadows site was not recommended - other than to ensure the drainage measures, installed in the last few years, are maintained.  I've checked the minute of the Transport and Environment Committee and there was no decision to do anything.

So I can't find anything which changes the status quo.  So I think we can safely ignore the concerns raised by the article.  The issue will be noted at the Culture and Leisure Committee next week.  I will update if there is any change.

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