Friday, 9 October 2015

Syrian Refugees for Edinburgh update

Many will be aware that Edinburgh will be taking some of the Refugees the UK government has agreed to settle un the UK.

I received a briefing on the up to date situation this afternoon.  Here, in brief, are just a few highlights from the Edinburgh Council perspective.

·           Following Committee agreement to resettle one hundred Syrian refugees in Edinburgh over the coming year, the Council has now received details of a cohort of refugees for potential resettlement in Edinburgh by Christmas

·         The UK Government has agreed all first year costs will be covered; this means social care and primary health care costs for Scottish participants in the resettlement programme are now included

·           The UK Government has also indicated it will provide additional funding to assist with costs incurred in future years
·           Discussions as to how the additional£1m of funding from the Scottish Government can best be deployed are continuing

·          A project team comprising representatives of Council and Health services will meet during week beginning 12 October to assess Edinburgh’s ability to support this cohort prior to further discussion with the Home Office about timing and numbers

·           Offers of help from organisations and private individuals are currently being logged and acknowledged.  Once the needs of the refugees being proposed for resettlement have been assessed, these offers will be followed up.


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