Friday, 23 October 2015

You can be involved

There is an opportunity to become involved in the ranking of Conservative candidates for the Scottish Parliament elections next year. That opportunity is open for anyone who is broadly a Conservative supporter.  There is no need to be a member.  It is the Open Primary principle.

Here is how it works.  For Lothian there are nine constituency MSPs and a further six are elected from the top up list.  See the current constituencies here.

Candidates will be allocated places according to the number of list votes (by party) and they will be ranked.  Last time Gavin Brown and David McLetchie were elected as the first two on the list.  (Cameron Buchanan was next on the list and bacame an MSP when David McLetchie sadly died in 2013). Neither are standing again.

If you wish to vote on which order you would like the candidates to be ranked (and you are not a member) you need to register to get ballot papers.   You can do that here.  Further details are available at this link. (There is a checking process if you are not known.)

To be part of the process you must register by 31st October.   Do get involved.

 I'll give a list of the constituency candidates to be ranked in order in a future post.

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