Thursday, 26 November 2015

Cameron House Community Centre

Some of you may have wondered what to make of the recent publicity about the reports of dirty tricks in the Council in relation to Cameron House Community Centre in Prestonfield.

Today's Evening News runs its 6th front page lead article in the past 3 weeks on the scandal:
"Council computer used to bombard workers with porn"
I'll post more in the coming days giving the background and adding to the information already in the public domain.

The story goes back to 2002 and earlier and there has been much activity in the last year to get to the bottom of what has happened.  There is still work to be done to get to the bottom of what is clearly yet another scandal within Edinburgh Council.

And if you are wondering why events which began around 2002 are so important it is because they have been having an impact on events and people ever since.

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Cameron Rose said...


1. I have deleted/removed your multiple (almost identical) comments on different posts, leaving this one.
2. You are making assumptions about what I know - and my position in this.
3. I'm happy to listen to what you have to tell. I suggest you contact me.


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