Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tram post 1: The case against extending the tram

The case currently before councillors for extending the tram is a mess.  There are four major problems which mean I cannot support it.

First is the cost.  Having already risen from the £80 million trailed a few months ago it has risen to £145m and not to £162m.  And that is despite a considerable proportion of the works already having been completed.  And the tram vehicles have been purchased.

Then there is the project timescale.  Almost six years according to the documents councillors are currently being asked to approve.  That is six years of speculation, uncertainty and disruption.

Thirdly, there is the question of whether Edinburgh Council is capable of managing such a large project. History, whether in relation to trams, the Water of Leith Flood works, waste collection etc., etc does not bode well.

Finally for now, the Scottish Government has set up and enquiry.  To go ahead regardless of Lord Hardie's conclusions smacks of self conceit.

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Tom Reilly said...

We/I are with you

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