East Preston Street looks like a burst water main

This morning's update on the sub surface problems in the roadway in East Preston Street are pointing to a possible leaking or burst water main.  Scottish Water have been summoned.  


Anonymous said…
I phoned Scottish Water today to ask when the burst main is expected to be fixed. Job no is 5658088. Apparently there are several mains in the area and they don't know which has burst and where to dig. They think that the burst is some way away from the excavation.It would appear that water is coming through clay ducting for other utilities. It has chlorine in it so they know it is for Scottish Water to repair. Two teams are investigating.

Do you know why the temporary traffic lights set up at the Bernard Terrace junction with St Leonard's St is only allowing one way traffic on St Leonard's?
Cameron Rose said…
Checking with Roads. Will add a comment when I get a reply.

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